Turning the Tide?

The intro…

Welcome to this week’s blog! Having taken a week off last week following a busy few days (and no game to talk about) I’m back! And I gather there is some stuff to talk about!

I’ll open with an apology though. If you find any inconsistencies or weird jumps in this post, I am very sorry. With the AMG announcement Friday and UK Expo ruling on Saturday I have written and re-written portions of this post more times than I’d have liked. My brain is fried. I apologise.

First let’s start with the new shiny things. Republic Z-95’s and CIS/Scum Rogue Class Starfighter ships come out next week! Woooooo!

Alright. Now, I actually had already written a quite substantial part of this intro when AMG decided to release the new points and rules changes. Typical. I’ve actually kept them as a reference point riiiiight down at the end of this post so that at some future point I can go back to see how I felt at this time.

In terms of the update itself, I feel…. I actually don’t know what I feel?! I won’t go in depth on each change (I’m sure other blogs and podcasts will cover them far better than I could!) but generally speaking, I think I’m generally on board with what they’ve done here. A little experience with it will help me decide!

Just quickly there are some general changes like how being ionised works (you can 1 bank as well as 1 straight now), obstacle interaction (if you’re already overlapping before you move, you don’t suffer it again), use of the Force in range 0 shots (you can’t do it any more), gaining points in Scramble the Transmission (you don’t roll to claim from your opponent, you just get it), moving in Salvage Mission (you can now do advanced manoeuvres but can’t boost, roll, cloak or SLAM) and probably some more that I haven’t seen or been made aware of just yet.

And then there are the changes to the points themselves.

The general dropping of 2 point ships (except for CIS and Empire) gives me mixed feelings. I think that probably they were incorrectly implemented in the first place, particularly with ships like Contrail at i5 and Blount with 3/4 dice attacks. I understand that they wanted more named pilots to be played and that putting generics at 2 points meant you could spam them AND get good named ships into a list (which would be a bit too powerful).

On the other hand, in some factions there are now NO 2 point ships which can throw out list building.

Here’s my idea – since they’ve already errata’d the Aethersprites and effectively split the ship and provide a printable card version in an errata doc, why not have 2 versions of some generics? For example, a Green Squadron Pilot A-Wing is 4 points with 4 loadout. Why not create another ship card where that same pilot is 2 points, zero loadout and ‘pipped’ to make it a unique pilot? Then it can’t be spammed and has less functionality than it’s more expensive counterpart?

I realise it means there is potential for mix ups during the game in terms of points (like, “is your A-Wing a 2 or 4 point one?”) but it’s just an option I’ve thought about since one of the lists I’d previously looked at (Luke, Leia, Ahsoka, like I ran at the 2.0 Cardiff Store Champs last year) had been 21 points initially but is now 19. There’s no feasible way for me to spend that extra point without changing how the list actually functions and with deficit scoring still a thing, I certainly don’t want to give my opponent a free point before we even start. I know this isn’t a great example as there has never been a 1 point ship to fill that gap but how many lists now come in at 18 points? If giving 1 point away feels bad, giving 2 points is out of the question. That’s 10% of the target score!

Leaving 1 point unused, I’d rather not. Leaving 2 unused?!

Anyway, I’d best move on, there’s still a LOT to cover!

The scenario changes (going from 5 to 3 objectives, no scoring of objectives in turn 1) are ok I think. It’s another extra layer of things to remember but it feels to me like this is a response to short turn count and shorter games in general. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

Some ships have gone up in price (like Gina, Netrem, Barriss, Y-Wing Ani, Manaroo, nearly all the 2 pointers plus more) and some have come down (like Boba, Luke, TIE Reapers, Rebel Han and more). I assume (but haven’t delved deep!) this will address the imbalance between factions since Republic and Rebels (and FO to a degree) had very good options while other factions struggled somewhat. I do feel that there was probably some very good stuff in the old points that just hadn’t been discovered yet and so there’s almost certainly something very broken in these new points too. I guess finding it is all part of the fun!

One of my biggest gripes with a points update being now (as you’ll see if you check out what I had previously written!) was the timing in regards to the UK Games Expo. I’m not going to it (that’s a rant for another time I think) but I felt that while linking an update to ship releases made sense, doing it around a week before one of the Worlds Qualifiers was, ummm, a bit odd. I mean, they’re in charge of the scheduling for both of these things (ok, they don’t RUN the UKGE but they knew the date and didn’t have to run the qualifier at it if they didn’t want to).

I felt that those people going would be upset at a change to lists just days before it. It seems I was wrong. Twice.

AMG got around this by adding a teeny bit of text to the top of each page of the new points:

Yep, these points don’t officially come into effect until the 15th of June. Cheeky!

There is still a problem here though – in their continued incredible efforts to support the X-Wing community, the list building apps (primarily YASB and Launchbay Next) have already updated their points. With the old PDF’s now gone from AMG’s website, it technically means that there is no way to build a valid list until the 15th of June, over 3 weeks from when they actually released it.


Thankfully, Mr Stephen Kim (Raithos) is an absolute genius and this is a thing that exists: YASB.APP/OLD

The second thing I was wrong about? I thought that people going to UKGE would want to keep current points and rules since they’d have prepped with them. It seems that not everyone is in that boat and I’ve seen some players asking for the new rules and points to be implemented. Interesting. This blog is already going to be pretty big so I won’t dig into this too much further but it seems to be an indicator that overall these changes are perceived as an improvement by many. Or some at least. I’m aware of some complaints over it but that was always going to happen I think. I mean, what’s an AMG update without some people moaning about it? Ammirite?!

HUGE EDIT (ok, not huge in size, just in impact!)
Right, since I rewrote this part (and not even for the first time!), the TO/Judge team for the Expo has decided that new points and rules ARE going to be used after all despite not officially coming in to effect until the middle of June. Whether this is what AMG intended I don’t know. On one hand I feel it does throw everything a little into disarray when it could have been avoided but on the other hand, I get that with new rules and points out, sticking with the old ones feels a bit redundant.

The last thing to talk about is the timing of this release. It certainly made sense to make these changes with the new releases since they will have had to update the documents anyway, I get that.

On the other hand, I do feel that I had literally only just got my head around the change from 2.0 to 2.5 and BOOM, the rug has been pulled out from under me again. I have to change my list, think about my approach with 2 less objectives on the board and learn some new rules (or rather, unlearn old ones which, in my opinion, is harder to do).

That said, I don’t feel it’s ‘sky is falling’ territory. You can see that AMG have been taking on feedback regarding the points and scenarios and what the ‘feels bad, man’ moments have been (hitting rocks twice, getting ionised in a low turn count game, taking ‘bad range 0 shots’ from Jedi who convert with the Force) and have made adjustments. I like that they’re doing this and while I do feel that it’s maybe a bit soon and things hadn’t fully settled down yet, I understand that they want to get the game to a balanced place as quickly as they can.

It has made me feel like the initial change to 2.5 has been like an open Beta test without direct feedback that we’ve all unwittingly been a part of. If I was to guess I’d say that these aren’t the last changes we’ll see and I imagine we’ll get another update by around September time.

So welcome to X-Wing version 2.6 I guess! Let’s see how it goes!

Ok, time to move on to another topic then…


Oh, you knew that already?

Ok, how about…. OUR TOURNAMENT SOLD OUT!!!

You knew that too?! Ok, fine. Let’s try….


Yes, after a little bit of ‘I’m sure we can put tables there’, some creative measuring estimates and only a small amount of gentle persuasion with staff, we expanded our tournament to 24 players (from 20, having been 16 originally!) and sold those extra tickets in less than 24 hours.


*** unfortunately we have since had a couple of drops so if YOU are interested in coming along then you can look to see the ticket situation here. We’d love to see you and the prize support is AWESOME!!

Of course I’m looking forward to playing but, with my expectations fairly low in terms of game performance (especially with new stuff to get my head around!), I’m actually really excited about Exile Squadron holding the event itself and the fact that we’ve got people coming from pretty far away (including Birmingham-ish, Swansea, Northampton, London, Brighton and Cornwall!) for a day at our little ol’ store where we can’t even play inside it is just SO amazing.

We’ve gone in real hard on prize support (most of which has been posted on the Facebook event, go on, have a look!) because we want to lure people back out to playing in person. These days are good fun and help to keep the game active and driving it forwards.

I’ve also got a quick message from our TO Mark Hall:

Big thanks to those who have bought a ticket for supporting the first of many X-Wing 2.5 Exile Squadron hosted events! Without all of you we would not be able to run these. Also another big thank you to Dylan Jones aka ‘Darth Dylanous’ for all his hard work and dedication to help get this set up for us all. We have some great prizes and guarantee you will have a fun time at our weird local game store! We’re looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones.

Some of us are planning to have breakfast at the local Toby Carvery (Royal Oak Hill, Newport, NP19 9FL) from 8am before going to the venue at around 9:30. You are more than welcome to join us!

Mark Hall

The compliments there are unsolicited, I swear!

We will be having another event in July with tickets going on sale immediately (and I mean, IMMEDIATELY) after the May event is done. What’s exciting about this one? Well, apart from the amazing prize support (again!!), the big news is that we will be having the event live streamed by the awesome Firecast Focus!

Having the stream table means that we will need to reduce our headcount a little so we’re looking at 22 tickets for that one. I will be plastering it all over the relevant social media places once tickets go live so if you fancy coming, keep an eye out for it!

Before I move on (and I am getting there, honest!), if you are reading this and you are one of the awesome people coming to the May event this week PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your list submitted in TTT as soon as possible so that registration is as quick as possible on the morning.

Alrighty then, moaning and celebrating done, let’s get on with the game!

The batrep… (JARGON ALERT!!)

So, after all that talking, let’s get to a game! This week I went to casual night armed with a new list, suggested to me by the ever awesome Chris Burnett of Tin Squadron in Cornwall.

Hera Syndulla (B-Wing) (6)
Marksmanship (1)
Trajectory Simulator (6)
Jamming Beam (0)
Proton Torpedoes (12)
Proton Bombs (4)
Hull Upgrade (4)
Stabilized S-Foils (0)

Ship Cost: 6 Loadout: (27/27) Half Points: 3 Damage Threshold: 4

Wedge Antilles (6)
Elusive (2)
Proton Torpedoes (12)
Afterburners (6)
Servomotor S-Foils (0)

Ship Cost: 6 Loadout: (20/20) Half Points: 3 Damage Threshold: 3

AP-5 (3)
K-2SO (6)
R4 Astromech (2)

Ship Cost: 3 Loadout: (8/8) Half Points: 1 Damage Threshold: 2

Ezra Bridger (TIE Fighter) (3)
Brilliant Evasion (2)
Hondo Ohnaka (5)

Ship Cost: 3 Loadout: (7/8) Half Points: 1 Damage Threshold: 1

Derek Klivian (2)
Ship Cost: 2 Loadout: (0/0) Half Points: 1 Damage Threshold: 2

Total: 20

View in YASB 2: https://yasb.app/old/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v9ZhZ20Z450X125W114W12WW136WW69W164W313WY5X119WW136WW105W142Y72X314WW5WY14X199W333WY461X&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron&obs=

This list is designed to punch you in the face so hard that you can’t get back up. It also helps my brain that three of the ships are exactly the same as what I’ve been running recently (Ezra, AP-5 and Hobbie), with this list swapping Leia and Thane for Wedge and Hera.

I rocked up to casual night a little later than a few of the others so some games were already in progress but Mark Hall was set up and waiting for me to arrive!

In a change from the TIE Advanced X1’s he’s been flying recently, he’d brought some Jedi this time:

Barriss Offee (3)
Instinctive Aim (1)
Concussion Missiles (6)
Calibrated Laser Targeting (0)

Ship Cost: 3 Loadout: (7/7) Half Points: 1 Damage Threshold: 2

Plo Koon (5)
Brilliant Evasion (2)
Outmaneuver (6)
R4-P Astromech (2)
Ion Missiles (2)
Calibrated Laser Targeting (0)

Ship Cost: 5 Loadout: (12/12) Half Points: 2 Damage Threshold: 2

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Eta-2) (5)
Patience (2)
Marksmanship (1)
Autoblasters (4)
R7-A7 (3)

Ship Cost: 5 Loadout: (10/10) Half Points: 2 Damage Threshold: 1

Anakin Skywalker (N-1 Starfighter) (5)
Passive Sensors (5)
R2-C4 (3)
Proton Torpedoes (12)

Ship Cost: 5 Loadout: (20/20) Half Points: 2 Damage Threshold: 2

“Contrail” (2)
Alpha-3E “Esk” (0)

Ship Cost: 2 Loadout: (0/0) Half Points: 1 Damage Threshold: 2

Total: 20

View in YASB 2: https://yasb.app/old/?f=Galactic%20Republic&d=v9ZhZ20Z275X73W99WW200WY312X199W126W213W101W200WY440X342W125W232W364WY322XW240W233W136Y434X363&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron&obs=

Interesting. Some known good pilots and builds with Force and munitions aplenty and some auto crits from Obi-Wan if I’m not careful.

Right, let’s do some Pre-Flight checks:
Scenario – Scramble the Trasmission
Target/Objective Priority – I’m going to try NOT to prioritise objectives and see how that goes. Not only that but I’m going to place the objectives in my control more towards the middle of the board so that they are easier to circle around and reclaim and see how that works out.
Obstacles – I’ve picked big ones out of habit but with Hera not carrying Seismic charges, I now feel it’s a mistake. Anyway, I’ll place to be annoying to Mark and make some lanes to approach.
Deployment – I need to keep my support ships (AP-5 and Ezra) relatively close to my damage output ships (Wedge and Hera) to pass them actions. Hobbie I will dangle out on his own as bait.

We place objectives, obstacles and ships and we’re ready to start!

I’ve placed Wedge and Hera opposite Plo and Obi so that if they come at me I’m in prime position to alpha strike them. As you can see, I’ve already systems phase boosted Hobbie to turn away from Barriss and Baby Ani. I am not jousting that. It costs me a claim on the right hand objective but I’m ok with that based on the fact that I think Mark will go to claim it and it’ll take at least one of his ships out of the fight for a bit.

Turn 1

ROAD 1st Player – it’s Mark but since we’ve got ZERO crossover in initiative, I’m not going to bother looking at this from here on in.

AP-5 and Ezra both bank in left towards my i6’s while Hobbie, having taken that systems boost left goes 5 straight towards the middle and focuses.

Mark turns away with Obi and Plo (apparently they don’t fancy jousting me!) with Plo claiming the close by objective while on the other side Ani claims and Barriss sidles up next to him. Contrail angles in towards the central objective but doesn’t reach it.

Wedge and Hera both go straight with Wedge claiming the objective on my side.

When we get to shooting Mark realises he should have claimed with Barriss so that Ani could have Passive Sensored and shot at Hobbie with Torps.

As it is, shots are fired at Hobbie but miss (although he spends his focus to do it) and his range 3 obstructed shot onto Contrail does nothing.

End of turn score: 1 (me) – 2 (Mark)

Turn 2

I’m behind early but it’s ok because a) it’s only 1 point and b) I’m hoping to make up the difference with kills.

With this in mind, I make some choices. Clearly Obi and Plo don’t want to joust me so I need to start aggressively approaching. Except initiative order and AP-5 and Ezra’s positions aren’t really helping. I opt to bank them back in with Wedge doing the same. He can’t go too fast though as he’ll smash into the rock. Hera will go 1 straight (despite my temptation to break formation and go 2 bank). Hobbie is the interesting one though. I decide to go sneaky. He will systems phase boost right and then go straight, hopefully ending up behind Mark’s ships and claim that objective.

It’s a shaky start with Ezra almost bumping AP with the banks. Hobbie’s looking in a bit of danger though as Barriss turns in and Obi goes straight and boosts into his face.

Plo hangs out behind the debris and locks him too. Oh. Meanwhile Contrail has turned away from my joust and claims the central objective and Ani has peeled off formation to claim the bottom right one.

Hera slides forwards and while she doesn’t have Contrail in arc she does have range and takes the lock to possibly pass on to AP or Ezra. Wedge banks in and goes for a lock on Plo, just barely reaching it.

Not many shots for me this turn but Wedge makes it count, rolling all natural hits and crits with his first Proton Torp charge. Mark gets the obstruction to help him counteract Wedge’s ability but Plo still takes a hit to lose his shield and a crit to his hull ( a Wounded Pilot I think).

Mark’s ships unleash volley after volley at Hobbie but a combination of cold (Mark’s reds) and hot (my greens) means that he only loses his shields. Wow.

My only other shots are from my 2 dice ships onto Contrail (which are also obstructed) and the clone gets away with no damage.

End of turn score: 2 – 3

Total score: 3 – 5

Turn 3

Alright, time to press in. I’m down on objectives and total score but not terminally so. It’s time to blow some things up I guess.

I’m not happy with the positions of AP-5 or Ezra as I don’t want either to hit the rock in front of them. I decide to send Ezra out of the way with a big 3 hard left. AP will plod forwards but slowly enough to let Hera go in front. I will send Wedge fast to try and get a beefy shot onto something. Hobbie at this point is a distraction. I’m fairly sure he’s going to die so he just needs to distract as many guns as possible while doing so. What a team player.

AP-5 gives the K-2SO calculate to himself before taking his straight move and using his action to claim the objective. Hobbie’s systems phase rotate (rather than a boost) stress is cleared with a 2 hard turn and a focus. Ezra’s 3 hard turn clears nicely and, with Baby Ani toting Proton Torps almost certainly pulling a 3 hard turn, he takes an evade.

Barriss turns in after Hobbie and reclaims the objective he stole before Ani does indeed 3 hard turn, get a free evade and takes passive sensors.

Hobbie’s hard turn has blocked Obi’s purple talon roll (yay!) but Plo is approaching from behind the debris and he takes a lock on the A-Wing. Contrail hard turns in amongst the rocks and reclaims the objective I just stole.

Wedge streaks forwards and spends an Afterburners charge to gain even more ground. With a lock unused from last turn, he takes a focus. Hera banks into the middle and, with little to actually shoot at, re-reclaims the middle objective. It’s busy there!

Time to shoot then! Wedge takes aim at Plo again and once more he pulls out maximum paint with no lock needed. Plo’s green dice fail him and the Jedi is dead before he can fire at Hobbie. Nice!

Hera just about has a range 3 obstructed shot at Barriss but, unsurprisingly, can’t do anything significant with it.

Obi’s range 0 shot into Hobbie does nothing and Contrail has nothing in arc so it’s on to Mark’s i4’s. Barriss takes aim at Hobbie but can only do 1 damage, leaving him on 1 hull. Ani fires Proton Torps at AP-5 (having decided Ezra’s a poor target) and gets a hit and crit (Structural Damage) past the green dice.

Neither Ezra nor AP-5 have targets to shoot at so the turn is done.

End of turn score: 7 – 3

Total score: 10 – 8

Turn 4

Right, this is more like it. I’m probably going to lose Hobbie this turn (again?!) so that’ll cost me 2 points. I need to blow something else up to cover that. Wedge is in a good position to chase something down, either Obi or Barriss while Hera will come intot he middle to line up for the following turn. I’m now ok with Ezra heading off for the top left objective as I’ve still got AP-5 for support in the middle.

Hobbie will just keep making a nuisance of himself.

AP goes straight, giving his K-2SO calculate to Wedge and coordinates a focus to Hera. Hobbie systems phase boosts right and hard turns. Being that he’s going to die I decide to reclaim the objective as his final contribution.

Ezra hard turns away and I realise that I’ve made a mistake by AP-5 giving an action to Hera and not Wedge as now I can’t Hondo. He takes an evade instead.

Ani turns in to the middle but crucially bumps into Contrail (but doesn’t take damage) so can’t use his Passive Sensors. Barriss turns around the obstacle but even with a boost can’t get the required angle on Hobbie. Might he live?!

Obi turns after Hobbie while Contrail hard turns and boosts into a lock while chasing Ezra.

Wedge banks in and locks Obi before Hera banks out to that side of the board and takes a lock (I think?!)

Now, I forgot to take any pics of damage done so this is a bit of guesswork but the only damage I can recall is Hera taking Barriss’ shield with no other damage being done.

End of turn score: 3 – 2

Total score: 13 – 10

Turn 5

With time almost up, this is likely the last turn. Time to turn the screw I think. I start with a Trajectory Sim Proton Bomb right into the mix.

AP-5 will hard turn and coordinate (I can’t quite remember who or what though!?), Hobbie systems phase boosts before going 4 straight and claiming the bottom right objective. Ezra takes a 5 straight and, confident in his Force for defence, claims the top left one, meaning that I currently hold all 5.

Anakin hard turns right, looking to get in behind where he thinks Hera will be. Barriss banks in, as does Obi-Wan while Contrail, knowing that Ezra will be beyond reach, claims the bottom left objective.

Hera’s 1 straight bumps into the back of Anakin before Wedge’s 1 bank turns right in at Barriss.

So, shooting? Yes, but first, this:

Top bombing!

The Proton bomb goes off and catches Barriss, Obi, Anakin and Wedge (who loses his first shield).

Wedge fires at Barriss and absolutely annihilates her. We run through a few more shots but nothing else dies. The timer has gone and so we’re all done.

End of turn score: 7 – 1

Final score: 20 – 11

The conclusion…

A win! Yay! Not only that but what has finally felt like a convincing one.

It feels a bit moot talking about the list since it’s not going to be valid moving forwards so I’ll keep it short on that front. I do like this list, it’s punchy but also versatile and it’s action efficient.

Hey guys! I found a list I lik…oh, never mind…

It certainly was a good option for me to take to Newport this weekend but with new points now being used, I’ll have to find something else!

That aside though, I felt like I had a little breakthrough in this game. For the first time I felt like I had a plan for how to approach it.

Yes, I went down early on objective points but it was worth it as I gained a positional advantage. By the last turn I actually held all 5 objectives and had killed 2 ships while taking little damage in return and losing none myself. Hobbie surviving is totally down to dice variance of course and Mark was very unfortunate not to have killed him but at the same time, it would only have gained him 2 extra points.

Going in depth on strategy and tactics also feels a little moot though since scenario rules will be changing and I’ve no idea yet how much of an impact that will have. Hopefully a positive one overall!

And so I’ll leave it at this for this week’s post. I am absolutely buzzing for Saturday’s event (no matter what the results!) and I can’t wait to gush about it next week!

Next week’s post might be a little short because I’m going to be away and won’t have much time from Saturday to Tuesday but don’t worry, I’ll be getting you all the gory details eventually!

Catch you next time!


In case you weren’t paying attention earlier and have just stumbled on this accidentally, this is what I had written Friday afternoon, literally an hour or less before AMG released their update. I’ve left this in for reference because it still conveys my general feelings and while it’s a little down, I want this as a reference point to look back at in maybe 6 months or a year. It is a big block of text with no pictures. You have been warned!

What’s more, AMG have (possibly, allegedly, somewhere on some Twitch stream for goodness knows what), suggested that the new releases will be accompanied by a full points update. For me, I think this very interesting timing.

From what I understand this is the shortest length of time between points updates since 2.0 was launched (excluding emergency updates purely on the basis that I have no idea whether any have been closer than this!). Obviously a massive overhaul of the points system will have issues that slip through the cracks and while it’s obvious some things needed fixing (with some select ships rather overpowered for their cost) it seems that, similar to video game companies that release games and patch them later, this might well be version 2.6. Or maybe 2.5a.

So in that respect I get that this is an obvious opportunity to tweak points. I see it less as an admission of error and more like a minor correction of oversights made. Which is fine. Expected. Good, even. It’s clear that some factions, ships, loadouts are WAY above the curve and keeping things that way isn’t healthy. And the fact that they’re looking to do it so soon after the initial change shows that they’re watching, listening and understanding (or at least trying their best!) what ‘we’, the general wider X-Wing community at large, like or dislike about the points as we min/max the crap out of it and find the most broken things possible.

What’s odd for me is the timing. Of course the release date for the new ships has probably had a ball park release date since it’s inception by FFG and while it does make sense in a vacuum to couple it with a full points update, to have that update come in less than 2 weeks before a Worlds Qualifier event (only the second one since AMG tool the reins) just feels rather weird to me. Awkward. Ham fisted. Like two different departments aren’t talking to one another. Will the new points be valid for UKGE? Who knows?! Will weeks of prep go down the drain as lists get nuked from orbit just 10 or so days before the event?

But then, with the aforementioned UK Worlds Qualifier having been announced just 6 weeks before the event happens and being at the rather expensive UK Games Expo with super expensive accommodation, (and not to mention the ‘new rules this year!’ from October-ish before an eventual February drop) I think it’s reasonable to say that timing hasn’t really been AMG’s forte to date.

I don’t want to seem like I’m excessively AMG bashing here (though I know a fair number of you love it!) but my thoughts here come out of a place of concern for the game. AMG have stated on multiple occasions (on a stream, of course) that they want this game to last for 10 years or more. At the same time, their ‘like it or lump it’ attitude regarding the update to 2.5 and the lack of, I don’t know, something (I want to say effort but that feels pretty harsh and is probably unfair) in terms of consistent, clear and professional communication (I mean, STILL no website? Come on guys…) just feels bad.

This community is brilliant. I don’t have history with any other gaming communities to compare it with but my general experience from getting involved almost 5 years ago is amazing. Online and in person alike, it’s been so great to meet new people and develop new friendships. I biased, of course, but I firmly believe we deserve better from the company now developing the game we love. Do we know everything going on behind the scenes? No. Maybe there’s stuff in the pipeline that’s really great and exciting. But for now, what we know is what we know.

What hurts me the most out of all of this upheaval is to see people leaving it behind. I know nothing lasts forever but I felt that X-Wing still had a LOT of life left in it for many many years to come. Now, I’m less sure. But I’m hopeful.

Crikey, I don’t know where that came from. I hope that hasn’t brought you down too much!

See, a little down but still some valid points in there I feel. Anyway, it’s an interesting place to look back at in a few months! Thanks for taking the time to read this far, you’re a hero!

The outro…

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