My Family Tree

Today I was researching my family tree;
So many people, so much history.
Generations of ancestors stretching out over time;
Creating and linking their own family line.

I followed the branch with my own family name
Looking to see how it was I became.
I got to my parents and then down to me;
I added my partner and then had to face reality.

I looked at my own branch it looked very bare;
Something was missing, as you weren’t there.
My forbears were born, they lived and they died;
but you my darling, you never survived.

Your name isn’t written, its like you never existed.
No formal records, always unlisted.
Nothing to mark your place in time;
But you will always be cherished, and forever be mine.

So although this branch has come to a halt;
I promise you your legacy will never fault.
I’ve taken our branch, made a match, lit a flame;
So now your light will live on, instead of your name.

© Copyright to the Mariposa Trust 2016. Written by Zoe & Andy Clark-Coates & Helen Fosberry

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