The intro…

Welcome to the blog!

It has been quite the week (and a half).

It has felt loooooooong

Out of all the blogs I have ever written I can honestly say that this is the one that I have struggled with the most.

Not because there’s nothing to write about (obviously!) but because there is just so much to talk about that is so significant and and, in a way, it has felt like things are shifting and changing constantly, not giving me time to process my thoughts, let alone pour them out onto my keyboard in a way that will make sense.

So I apologise if this post feels a bit mixed up and incoherent but I’d say that is an accurate reflection of my current feelings about X-Wing over the last 2-weeks.

What hasn’t helped is that I feel like the the online X-Wing community (or communities if you consider Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Discord as separate places) is in a somewhat dark place right now and, to me at least, feels like it has a rather uncomfortable atmosphere. So many people with so many opinions and comment after comment after comment.

Let me be clear here. I am having an emotional response to these changes. We all are. We love this game and so big changes make us feel things. We are perfectly entitled to our emotions. We feel what we feel. What we can control (and should be controlling) is how we respond to those feelings. The actions we take and the things that we say.

I’ve been on Facebook a LONG time (and on internet forums and the like for much longer) and I can NEVER recall seeing something like this:

When it comes to a point that things get so messy that some people opt to leave because of the community and that community gets a collective ‘1 week on the naughty step’, it’s a sign that things are not ok.


At least we have fight and passion for this game that we love so much, that has drawn us together. At least this isn’t apathy, I think that apathy would be far worse.

So before I carry on, let me be clear about something. I’m not especially a fan of the ROAD changes or of others that are potentially on the way. I don’t love them but I also don’t totally hate them. I’ll keep trying it out and see how it feels but if this is that way that X-Wing goes then I’ll accept it. Grudgingly. I’m certainly not a fan of the way that AMG have delivered or explained the changes. Piecemeal info via streams for other gaming systems is one thing but calling Hyperspace a failure feels like shade thrown at previous devs and current players.

But I’m still all-in. I’m not stopping blogging and I’m definitely not quitting the game.

The intro… part 2

I started writing this week’s post not long after publishing last week’s, pouring over my thoughts about AMG’s social media release of future rules changes (which I’ve kept for context).

The fallout was ugly. Real ugly. Now, the majority of my social media interaction is via Facebook and there was an explosion of post after post, comment after comment. I’m sured the same is true for Twitter, Reddit, Discord and anywhere else you find us X-Wing nerds hanging out.

Over the following few days things calmed down a little and the snark and sarcasm subsided a little as people started to test the proposed changes. Not everyone liked it but at least now there were some actual test happening with feedback. Some finding it awful, others liking it and a few finding other faults not previously mentioned.

Then AMG actually did the stream that they’d intended to do the week before and things went nuclear.


Suddenly the Atomic part of AMG’s name felt quite apt.

Let me start with my opening thoughts from BEFORE the AMG stream on the 4th of Nov:


It’s been rather an interesting week in the world of X-Wing following AMG’s (probably) inadvertent bombshell on the 29th of October with regards to random player order.

I posted last week about it but more from the aspect of community reaction that about the ‘rules change’ itself. Before I get ahead of myself I do just want to clarify that, at time of publishing, AMG have yet to update ANY official rules documents which make these changes live. As it stands what we effectively have is a self inflicted information leak/public spoiler. This becomes relevant later on in the conclusion.

Again, a lot of people are probably aware by now but just in case you’re not the rule is basically this:
Before setup each player rolls 3 attack die. The player with most crits is first player. If it’s a tie then you look at focus results next, followed by hits (ordered that way because of the number of each of these on a single die – 1 crit, 2 focus, 3 hits).

This process is repeated EVERY TURN, AFTER DIALS HAVE BEEN SET (that’s the important part).

I just want to quickly clarify some acronyms that have been flying around following all these changes (yes, I’ve added them to the JARGON BUSTER too!).
RPO – Random Player Order
ROAD – Random Order After Dials
ROBD – Random Order Before Dials
ROOT – Random Order, One Time.
APO – Alternating Player Order
SPO – Static Player Order.

ROOT is how GSP’s Galaxies tournaments have been played since AMG announced the future use of RPO, ROAD is AMG’s spoiled info, ROBD is an alternative people are suggesting. APO has been suggested by some but criticised by others and SPO is effectively what we had in the ‘before times’ (well, technically that’s still now).

Right, let’s move on.

Now, I won’t go into a huge monologue about the pros and cons of this system because:
1. many podcasts and other blogs have done it already
2. their views have already informed and influenced my own
3. if/when AMG do implement it, it’s the system we have and that’s that

No, what I want to do is to actually use it. Talk and theory is fine to a point but there’s no substitute for real life experience.

Plus I like playing X-Wing.


Fairly reasonable, right?

Then, with what felt like very little notice (and ‘announced’ via a Crisis Protocal painting stream), the stream was rearranged for the following Thursday.

If you haven’t already watched it, here’s the link for you:

Some kind genius also created a live Google doc of notes from the stream which you can find here:

So, more bombshells then. Cool.

The main takeaway from this is that the ROAD changes are not in beta, they are confirmed and will be out before the end of the year. On top of that there are going to be changes to bumping, scoring points on regen-ing ships, final salvo and tournament scoring (and eventually, sideboards).

That’s a LOT to change in a game which, if you ask me as a pretty invested but not hardcore competitive player, seemed just fine.

Maybe it doesn’t fit but I’m using it anyway.

I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert in game design (or even X-Wing for that matter) but if all these changes are aimed at getting more ‘kitchen table/beer & pretzels’ players interested, shouldn’t the game be getting simpler and not more complicated?!

Anyway, that’s enough on this for now. It’ll probably all be different again by next week! Let’s get on with some at least semi-relevant content, shall we?

The batrep… (JARGON ALERT!!)

Over the last few weeks since the points update I’ve been tinkering with Dash lists again and have to say, I’m really enjoying it! Having tested out some tweaks last week with Brilliant Evasion on Luke not really doing anything for me (though it’s entirely possible that’s down to the game itself), I’ve made a couple more changes:

Dash Rendar (79)
Trick Shot (4)
Jyn Erso (3)
Perceptive Copilot (8)
Outrider (6)

Ship total: 100 Half Points: 50 Threshold: 5

AP-5 (32)
K-2SO (6)
R4 Astromech (2)

Ship total: 40 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 3

Luke Skywalker (60)
Servomotor S-Foils (0)

Ship total: 60 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 3

Total: 200

View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0:

Chopping a couple of things around has meant that AP-5 can now K-2SO himself a little easier by having more moves available to shed the stress. Plus all the points are nice round numbers which makes it easier to add up at the end. Bonus.

With the Sith Taker league now in it’s ‘end of season break’ my only regular games have been real life ones. But with my wife starting back at her 2nd job that had been furloughed for 18 months during covid, I currently have Tuesday evenings free (at least until I convince her to quit that job!) and I have a list of people I’ve been meaning to play against online.

Top of that list is Mr Chris Stevens. Chris has been commenting on my blogs pretty much since I started and we finally met (but didn’t play each other) at the 2020 UK System Open where he made a storming run to the top 32

We’ve had a standing ‘let’s get an online game in some time’ agreement for a while and finally we found a mutually convenient time to actually do it.

With aforementioned ROAD changes having been made public we decided that with nothing on the line (i.e. this wasn’t a tournament game) we should give them a go and see how things feel.

Bearing this in mind, Chris picked a list that purposely had an overlap in initiative:

Han Solo (79)
Trick Shot (4)
Bistan (8)
Jyn Erso (3)
Perceptive Copilot (8)
Hull Upgrade (3)
Shield Upgrade (4)
Millennium Falcon (3)

Ship total: 112 Half Points: 56 Threshold: 8

Luke Skywalker (60)
Brilliant Evasion (2)
Proton Torpedoes (12)
R2-D2 (8)
Stealth Device (6)
Servomotor S-Foils (0)

Ship total: 88 Half Points: 44 Threshold: 3

Total: 200

View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0:

So now that bids are not a thing I guess we go straight into the Pre-Flight checks:
Target Priority – only two ships to shoot at and they’re both expensive. I do want to avoid getting torped by Luke but I’ll have to see how the initial approach goes.
Obstacles – tight, tight, tight rocks. It maybe helps that Chris’ Han wants the same. Bonus.
Deployment – Hmm….. Tricky. I want my 2 main ships to engage together and AP-5 to have the option to coordinate either of them so I’ll go with close together for now.

I’m going to change my format a little here to include the rather important detail of initiative rolls. Planning will involve not knowing so I’ll cover my plan before moving to the next turn. The name in bold at the start of activation is first player.

Got it? Ok, great!

Setup/Turn 1 – Chris

Chris ‘wins’ the setup roll. We place obstacles and then he has to place his Luke before I place either of my i5’s. AP-5 has gone in my right hand corner. Chris puts Luke pretty much central. I put my Luke and Dash go either side of AP-5 and Chris places Han right of Luke (from my perspective).

We set dials and are ready to go!

(My) Luke goes 4 straight, AP-5 2 stright and Dash just 1 banks right. Chris send both of his ships hard right, away from me.

Back to planning then!

I don’t want Dash to get ambushed so I set him a hard turn right. AP-5 will continue up the board behind Luke who will keep sliding up the board edge.

Turn 2 – me

AP-5’s shuffle forwards looked a bit shot by the time my Luke had gone straight and boosted left. Dash’s hard turn in placed him nicely though considering that Chris had committed to a bank in with his Luke while Han continued lurking along his own board edge.

No shots and back to planning then. With Chris’ Luke looking like he’s coming in to start picking up shots I decide to bank in with my Luke. Ap-5 will go 3 straight to hide behind the debris for cover while Dash will go 4 straight for the same reason (plus to trigger Trick Shot). I do not fancy taking those Proton Torps.

Turn 3 – Chris

This is where the whole first/second player thing started to matter.

AP-5 took his 3 straight having given himself a calculate with K-2SO and coordinated Luke a boost left. Chris’ Luke then turned in and locked Dash.

My Luke’s bank in was now effectively a hard turn from his original position after the coordinated boost and he locked Chris’ Luke. Lovely. Dash’s 4 straight sits in neatly behind AP-5 and he takes a focus and evade thanks to Perceptive Copilot and Jyn Erso.

Han hard turns left, putting some obstacles between him and my Luke and, just like Dash, takes a focus and evade.

Han fires at Luke but despite a full reroll and focus can’t get anything past Luke’s dice. Chris’ Luke checks arc for a Proton Torp shot at Dash but he’s out of range. It’s good that I’m not taking the torps but bad that he’s not shooting.

There’s some Luke on Luke action (dear Lord) as Chris shoots me (doing no damage) and as I go to shoot back I realise that I forgot to open foils and roll just 2 dice. I opt not to spend the lock and do no damage either.

Now then. Now we have the interesting turn. What do I do with Luke? Dash is fine, he’s out of the way and the only ship to bump is AP-5 but what do I do with Luke?

Will Chris come in at me? Who has got more to gain or lose if our Lukes bump? Luke has Force so he won’t be totally unmodded if I go 2nd and bump. Plus I can coordinate him first maybe? Is he in range for that?

Ok, so I think I go for it. But what do I dial in? A 1 bank? 2 bank? What about a 1 straight and roll?

Not knowing if I’m first or second is rather doing my head in right now.

Despite going ‘aggressive’ by opting to try and engage, I’m going more cautious with a 1 bank. I do not like how this works.

AP-5 will 2 hard turn around the debris and try to help Luke out while Dash will keep his distance a little (still wary of the torps), banking left. Ok, done.

That was NOT a fast decision to make.

Turn 4 – me

Right. I’m going first. That’s not completely terrible, given what I’ve dialled in. I think.

AP-5 gives Luke a calculate with K-2SO, hard turns around the debris (clearing stress with R4) and coordinates Dash a focus/evade action.

Luke banks in and, with a lock on the other Luke already, takes a focus action, picking up an evade with Jyn.

Dash banks left but it’s taken him further than I wanted. He tries for a lock on Luke but it’s out of range so takes it on a debris instead. Balls.

Chris moves his Luke… hard turn right, disengaging. Interesting. He decides against boosting, thinking he looks to be out of my Luke’s arc and takes a focus as an evade using his own Jyn on Han.

Han just slides 1 forwards and takes 2 focuses, going on the offensive.

Han fires at Luke with 4 dice (since the shot can be chosen to be obstructed) and rolls 1 eyeball. Chris rerolls with Han’s ability and gets all paint and spends a focus. Yuck. Luke rolls 3 greens and blanks out. Oh.

I spend the evade to take 2 hits and a crit which turns out to be a Direct Hit. Luke is immediately halved and on 2 hull. Awesome.

Luke checks arc…


Fine, I’ll shoot at Han. I did remember to open foils this time and manage to roll maximum paint at Han. Chris rolls his single green, rerolls it with Han’s ability but it’s still blank and he takes 3 shields.

AP-5 has a shot but it’s range 3 obstructed a Stealth Device Luke. AP-5 rolls blanks, just for the extra lol’s.

Dials then. That turn was…not what I wanted. I don’t have regen on this Luke but I don’t want to risk losing him quickly. It’s my turn to disengage now, setting Luke a hard right turn. Dash will hard left turn while AP-5 will just shuffle forwards.

Turn 5 – me

I’ve no screenshot from this turn to remember actions and the like but AP-5 moves forwards before Luke hard turns and boosts away from Han. Dash hard turns in trying to get closer to the action.

Chris’ Luke takes a 4-K (JARGON ALERT!!) before Han banks away and then red boosts left to get a better angle to re-engage.

As well as no screenshot, there’s no shooting this turn either so we go back to dials again.

Now that I’ve got Dash in place to be useful, I need to get Luke back in too. It’s another turn and boost for him. Dash will go straight, as will AP-5.

Turn 6 – Chris

AP-5 gives Dash a calculate and stress before moving and coordinating Luke a boost.

Chris sends Luke 2 straight which clears the stress but he clips the debris, taking another stress. Worse than that, he rolls for damage and gets the crit, losing a shield but more importantly, losing his Stealth Device. Harsh.

Dash goes 1 straight, loses the stress and then, with the Outrider title, hits the debris and removes Luke’s lock. No torps for Dash this turn! He takes a focus/evade before my Luke hard turns in behind Dash.

Han, still too far out and stressed, hard turns left.

Han’s way too far out so Chris’ Luke goes first, hitting AP-5 with 2 hits. AP-5’s greens blank out. Ouch.

This is my chance to do some damage though as Dash takes the Trick Shot/Outrider on Luke and rolls maximum paint. Chris rolls 1 paint and spends a Force to take 2 hits and 2 crits (including a Damaged Engine and something else that I can’t quite make out!).

Nobody else has arc and so we move on to the next turn.

I need to go for the kill shot on Luke and with him unable to turn effectively I’m confident he’ll come in for simultaneous fire.

AP-5 will bank left, Dash 1 forwards while Luke will hard turn right.

Turn 7 – me

AP-5 does his thing, giving himself the calculate this time and coordinating Dash a focus/evade. Dash then goes straight and locks Luke while my Luke hard turns in.

Chris’ Luke simply goes 1 straight, accepting his fate and takes a focus as an evade with Jyn.

Han goes straight, clears his stress and then gets it back as he boosts left.

Han fires first, shooting at my Luke. He rerolls with his ability but only manages to land 1 hit past my green dice. Luke survives! For the first time this game Han has more than 1 target in arc and uses Bistan to fire at AP-5, taking 1 hull from him.

Dash fires at Chris’ Luke who succumbs to the 4 dice attack. With that Luke gone, my Luke returns fire at Han and manages to get 2 more shields down.

Simultaneous fire is in play and Chris’ Luke unloads at AP-5 at range 1. AP-5, being the jerk that he is, survives on 1 hull.

AP doesn’t have arc on anyone so we go back to dials.

One down, one to go.

Luke and AP-5 are both limping and with Bistan gunner, Han is capable of taking them both out in one turn without either being able to shoot.

I decide to go on the offensive, hard turning all 3 ships to chase down Han.

It’s also worth noting at this point that with no initiative crossovers, the rolls became pointless. We carried on rolling them though!

Turn 8 – me

AP-5 K-2SO’s himself before hard turning and giving Dash a focus/evade. Luke hard turns and takes a focus as an evade before Dash hard turns and locks Han.

Han goes straight, clearing his stress and double focuses, wanting to double tap.

Han fires at Luke and mercilessly wipes him out. Balls.

Then he shoots at AP-5 at range 3. AP-5 rolls enough to survive but he takes a Structural Damage crit. He lives though!

Dash and AP-5 fire on Han, taking the last of his shields, 2 hits to hull AND a Disable Power Regulator crit. Not relevant. Yet.

Back to dials then. AP-5 will bank around left, as will Dash.

Turn 9 – me (rolling 3 natural crits!!)

AP-5 gives Dash the K-2SO tokens before banking left and coordinating Dash a focus/evade. Dash then 3 banks left, hitting the debris to remove the stress and locks Han. Beautiful.

Han banks left and double focuses.

Han fires at AP-5 and annihilates him. Disappointing but expected. Han then takes his second shot at Dash but it’s less effective and Dash dodges it all.

Dash then fires at Han and rolls all paint, no lock needed. This puts another 2 hits past Han’s green dice. 3 hull to go.

Han picks up his second ion token during the end phase as we go back to planning.

I set Dash a 1 bank left. Turns are getting easier to plan, at least!

Turn 10 – me (yep, 4 in a row!)

Dash banks left and takes the usual focus/evade. Han also banks left and takes focus/evade.

Han fires at Dash but with 4 dice each, no damage gets through.

Dash’s return fire is 5 reds (with Trick Shot) against 2 greens (because of Outrider). Two more hits get through, leaving Han on a single hull point as we go back to dials.

I set Dash a 3 hard turn.

Turn 11 – Chris

I hard turn Dash and focus/evade. Chris banks Han onto the debris, hoping the crit roll will deny Dash a kill shot. It doesn’t.

Han rolls at Dash but again fails tog et damage through.

Dash’s return shot is brutal, 4 paint out of hand and with around 8 minutes left on the clock, Han dies and the game is done.

Result: 200 – 100 win

The conclusion…

What can I say here? Am I concluding (sounds wrong!) about the game in terms of list performance or in terms of ROAD? Let’s do both.

I’ll start with the list since it’ll be shorter. I like it. I understand that there are other versions ‘out there’ which have performed well which have Jake/Hera/Ahsoka/Jan and switch up Dash’s load out with Kanan/K-2SO/Expert Handling. I know. In fact, I feel like I could probably cut K-2SO, R4 Astromech and Trick Shot from this list and free up 12 points to make some changes.

But do I need to? I don’t know, I don’t really think so. I’m not even sure what I’d do. Add Proton Torps to Luke? Steal Chris’ Stealth Device idea for Luke and give Dash a Hull Upgrade? Lots of options but are there any that add really good value? I don’t know.

This Dash is still weak to all the things that he’s normally weak to like swarms or high agility despite mitigating some of these effects with things like Jyn (for evades), AP-5 (to get double mods) and Trick Shot (extra dice). BUT. The drop in points and loss of Bistan (making him a bigger threat) seems to have made him less of a target which, overall, I’m in favour of.

Also, having Luke in the list makes we worry a bit less about losing Dash. Losing Dash is recoverable as long as he’s traded well (or at least reasonably) before burning down. Any time before when I’ve flown a Dash list, losing Dash means the game is lost. That’s no longer the case and definitely makes a nice change.

Now onto the ROAD changes.

Firstly, forgetting to roll for it in the first turn indicates just how much of a change in mindset is going to be needed here.

In terms of this game? Well, once Chris’ Luke was gone it didn’t matter any more. More on that in a moment. Before that happened? Hmmm….. yes, there were a few turns where I felt like it REALLY mattered that we didn’t know who would be moving first. If I was first I’d have done one thing, if I was second, something else. In the end I went more neutral, more safe.

In the turn where Chris’ Luke clipped the debris, had that unfortunate turn of events not happened and Chris had moved second, he could have reacquired the lock on Dash and thrown some nicely modded Proton Torps at him. ROAD meant that Chris had to hope for that rather than be able to specifically plan for it.

Now going by AMG’s reasoning for making such huge sweeping changes being that they want to incentivise and encourage aggression and faster engagement, this sort of feels like it’s having the opposite effect. Particularly in the turn where Luke opted to totally disengage his Luke rather than come in at me.

Now other future changes such as what they’re suggesting with regards to bumps (i.e. you can still take an action but only a focus/calculate as appropriate and still being able to shoot) maybe negates this but players who are naturally cautious are just less likely to risk it (in my opinion).

This cautious?

After ALL this discussion, debate and straight up arguing about the impact of ROAD on X-Wing, once Luke was gone it had NO further impact on that game at all as we no longer had a crossover of initiatives.

The day after I played this, I went to Firestorm Games in Newport for casual night. I ended up playing Peter who was flying a Resistance list which he’d just won our local monthly store tournament with on Saturday. We discussed using ROAD until we noticed that his initiative 3 & 4 list had NO crossover with my i1 and i5 list.

No impact. At all.

(I won the game, just in case you were interested!)

The actual percentage of games where this mechanic will have an effect is basically unknowable at this point. Maybe I’ll try and track it with the next few games I play as we decide whether or not use it locally but I think it’s clear that we have the impression that it will affect all of X-Wing. How much will it affect? Maybe 75% of games? 50%?

When I mentioned this in our local chat group I got an interesting response:
“Oh yeah, I’ve always wished X-Wing would be two completely different game systems depending on my opponent’s list ?

A fair point.

I posted an abbreviated version of this post in Ryan Farmer’s ‘ROAD bounty post’ in the Fly Better Facebook group (before the 1 week shut down) and while I won’t copy/paste the whole thing in here (because it’s 100 more words!), there are 3 thoughts that I added in response to Ryan’s original questions which I will pop in here.

  1. If implemented it’s not enough to cause me to quit the game (by a long stretch!) but it will be for some people and losing those players diminishes the community as a whole which is not great. I think that AMG will need to weigh up whether achieving whatever they’re trying to achieve with it is worth losing a unknowable number of long established players or, as Asmodee sees them – regular repeat customers. Will these changes alone bring in enough new players to replace them, especially ones who will go all-in and spend like long standing players? I doubt it.
  2. In the turns where it really mattered, I found myself setting a dial and thinking “that’ll have to do I suppose” which feels pretty bad. In a game where it’s very often said you learn more from losing a game than by winning, I don’t think that will necessarily be the case anymore. Dice blaming is already something ‘we’ (the wider community) don’t like to see and this certainly isn’t going to decrease with more dice rolls happening. Speaking afterwards, Chris felt that he dialled in several moves which, had he not been 1st/2nd as appropriate, would have been the objectively correct move to make. When it turned out to be not what he wanted, the moves were less effective.
  3. Will dice still have to be rolled if 1st/2nd player has literally no effect at all past placing obstacles? If not, does that mean those games effectively have longer to play since no time is taken on those rolls? Or should dice still be rolled no matter what? I think that, situationally, the mechanic could be manipulated to one player’s advantage (for example if one player gets an advantage with less turns, they could insist on rolling the initiative dice each turn, just to eat up more time on the clock). It’s a corner case, granted but I can guarantee it’ll come up for a judge or marshal at some point.

What’s clear in all of this is that AMG’s solution for bidding being bad for the game seems to have brought about more questions than answers and I’d say much more consternation than AMG had anticipated.

How are things going to shake out? I’ve no idea. What I do know is that we are now left in a place where rules we (broadly speaking) don’t like will be coming into effect on a date we don’t know and game feels like it’s in a place like the last 2/3 weeks before a points update. You know, where you feel like you don’t see the point in making new lists or trying new things because everything is going to change soon anyway.

Having a hyperspace tournament at the end of this month (at Firestorm in Cardiff, tickets are still available!) to prepare for throws yet another level of confusion into my brain and and especially as the tournament is using (what it’s really strange to call) the current tournament regulations, bids and all.

Right, I’m finishing here because, while I’ve still got more I could say, I think I need more time to process everything. Oh, and because this blog is already massive. Sorry.

Just before I go, though, at the point where I felt that ROAD would be the only talking point (if only!), I was going to do a thing with songs with road in the title. I don’t want to waste it so I’ll post them here anyway. Some of them feel quite appropriate. I’ll leave you to decide which ones…

ROAD to Nowhere – Talking Heads

ROAD to Hell – Chris Rea

Every day is a Winding ROAD – Sheryl Crow

The Long and Winding ROAD – The Beatles

On the ROAD Again – Willie Nelson

Long ROAD to Ruin – Foo Fighters

ROAD Trippin – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

ROAD To Acceptance – Green Day

I’ll take suggestions for any others you think of. Bonus points if it can be applied to X-Wing in some way!

The outro…

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! If you’d like to support me in continuing my X-Wing blogging adventure there are a few ways you can do that.

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