The Final Countdown

The intro…

Welcome to this week’s blog!

So, full disclosure, this is going to be a VERY short blog.

Why, you ask? Well…


Yes, after months and months of issues and delays this past weekend we moved house and you know what? I’m exhausted!

So why am I blogging then? Especially since I’ve been harping on for months that when I move I’m taking a break?

Well, it’s because we are now just a fistful of days from the Welsh Open!

So yes, this post is PURELY a shameless promotion of the upcoming event. And I’m not even sorry.

The main bit…?

The months of prep and advertising are finally drawing to a close and the event itself is just around the corner.

Since I’ve been going on about it for ages I just wanted to put out a short blog to show off some of the prizes that we’ve put together in a late bid to tempt some of you last minute Larry’s into getting yourself to Cardiff this coming weekend.

Let’s start with participation. Everyone will come away with several somethings and if you ask me, they’re all pretty cool!

First off, everyone gets a Welsh Open dial cover:

Next up are the alt arts!

There will be one of each for everyone of the Predator and Shield Upgrade and the Bo Katan is a participation for the day 2 event.

I’ll give a special shout out to Dan Eicher for the Shield Upgrade design and to Vector Squadron Creative for doing the Predator. Both beautiful I’m sure you’ll agree!

Then there’s the Mandalorian helmets.

These little beauties can be used as playing indicators or crates or charges or shields or whatever you like. Everyone gets one but we’ll also be giving some out across the weekend so you might end up with a few!

Not only that but we’ll be running a painting competition once the weekend is done. More details will follow but in the weeks following the event, the best painted helmet (or helmets I suppose!) will win a prize that we’ll send out.

We’re also having some charge tokens, designed by Dan Eicher and made by Cog O Two. Everyone gets one and we’ll have some extras for the top 16

You’ll also notice the Welsh Open range 1 rulers, there’s 1 each for the top 10 in the side event on Sunday.

That leads us nicely on to some of the prizes for top finishers.

I’m SUPER pleased with these AMAZING cards that Dan Eicher designed and that Cog O TWo have produced for us. We’ve got 7 designs of spot gloss cards, one for each faction and the top finisher in each faction for the main event will get one for their corresponding faction.

I’m very much running out of time now so I’m going to start wrapping things up.

With this being a *prestigious event I’ll just show you some of the top end prizes that we’ve got ready to give away.

*at least, that’s our aim!

The finalists will both get template sets and the winner will get a tray to put them in as well!

Then of course there’s the trophy for the winner a full scale replica DL-44 blaster to (very carefully!) take home.

There will be a plaque on it by the weekend I hope!

And lastly, since we have a Store Championship kit to use for the event, the winner will also receive an invite to the X-Wing World Championship in 2024!

The conclusion…

Look, if you don’t have FOMO for this event now then I don’t know what to say. Our aim all along has been to make this event as fun and inclusive and as generous as possible. There are a couple of tickets still available if you’re free and we would LOVE to see you there!

Tickets are available here and some more prize spoilers (when I get a chance!) will be posted out of the Facebook event page.

Oh, and if you’re planning on playing some warm up games on the Friday night, you can get your free ticket at this link –

When you book, pick the Weekend Event Attendee option and select Other in the drop down list. You can then type in X-Wing or Welsh Open in the text box.

Finally, I want to give a quick shout out to the Sith Takers guys who had me on the podcast this week (keep an eye out for that!) and also to the Firecast Focus team who are coming to the event to stream it. The work you guys put in to benefit the community and enhance the enjoyment and inclusion in this game is amazing.

Alright, that’s all for now. Looks like blog post 200(!!!) could be a pretty great one! When I can finally get time to write it, of course!

The outro…

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