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The announcements…

Just before I get started on a spectacularly short post I just want to do another little announcement on this quarter’s Patreon rewards.

Petron Goodies!

The deadline to qualify for the rewards this time is the 30th of April. Anyone signed up at that point will receive some shiny goodies as well as the chance to win a brand new (still sealed in it’s box!) ship!

Like always please don’t feel any pressure or obligation to sign up but if you feel you want to support what I’m doing here then you can sign up here, it’s HUGELY appreciated!

The intro…

Welcome to this week’s very (VERY!) short blog!

Can I rinse this meme one more time? Sure I can!

Why so short I hear you ask? Well, it’s been Easter weekend. I don’t know if you’ve caught posts where I’ve mentioned it before but my family and I go to church and Easter is a pretty big deal! The upshot is that we were busy with church and friends and family right through from Friday morning until yesterday (Monday, if you’re not reading this on the day it was published!) and took last night to spend some quality time together.

The net result as far as the blog is concerned is that I’ve basically not had any time to write about stuff!

So why bother writing anything at all? Great question.

The first reason is to post something up so people don’t think I’m dead (or something like it). Sounds weird but on previous weeks where I’ve not posted and haven’t mentioned that I won’t be posting (like when I’m away on , I get messages asking if everything is ok. I have to say that getting messages like that is really awesome though.

The second reason is because the deadline for Patreon sign ups for this quarter is approaching and I wanted to highlight it each week up until that date. Skipping this week means that next week is the last one and I wanted to put it out there.

The third reason (oh yes, they’re stacking up now!) is tournament related. Quite amazingly, after posting out about it last week, the store tournament at Firestorm Games in Newport on the 28th of May is SOLD OUT! W00P!

This means I’ve got to get my butt in gear and get a few of the extra prizes ordered but now I know we’re at capacity figures I know the budget I have for it. If you’re local to Newport (or even if you’re not!) and missed out, we are possibly looking at the end of July for our next one and would LOVE to see you there!

I also want to mention the Cardiff tournament on the 30th of April. There are tickets still available and TO Paul always runs an excellent event! You can check out the Facebook event here too.

So, do I have anything X-Wing related to actually talk about? Indeed I do! I played an in person game against a good opponent with an interesting list which I’d love to talk about. However, since I can’t really do it any sort of justice with the hour or so that I’ve got to get this blog ready I’m going to keep it back for next week’s post instead and give more of the detail that it deserves.

In the mean time the Sith Taker League has started back up! If you’re not familiar with it, let me give you some back story…

At some point during the pandemic, Ben Hibbert of the Sith Takers took it upon himself to create an online, weekly league format tournament. It quickly grew and after initially having a very large number of players involved Ben split the leagues to run in a similar way to football leagues (that’s real football, not the one where you use your hands and wear armour).

Each league had around 20 players, pairings would be randomised using the round robin format and after 8 games the top few players would move up the league above and the bottom few players would drop to the one below.

In theory.

I joined a season after it had started so began at the bottom (Wretched Hive which, to be fair, is probably where I should have been anyway!).

After playing in seasons 1 – 5 and somehow (mostly drops by players higher up I think!) managing to get promoted a couple of times, I got to Fortress Inquisitorius (or league 3). And then 2.5 dropped.

After pausing the newly launched season 5 the decision was taken to basically start again. This would allow people to try out 2.5 more casually, decide whether they wanted to continue and also ‘reset’ the leagues.

And so that brings us to here:

I’ve got my first game this week against Petter Ellingsen (who I’ve played not once but TWICE before!) so I’ll have that to talk about next week too!

Lastly, since I feel like I owe some X-Wing ‘content’, I’ll just drop these few quick things in before I sign off.

Another Worlds Qualifier event has been announced! It’s in Hannover, Germany on the last weekend in July. I won’t be going personally but I know a few people who are already booked in to attend. An international X-Wing trip would be AMAZING to do at some point but not at this point I don’t think!

Lastly, AMG have now officially spoiled the current worst kept secret in X-Wing with the reveal of the Republic Z-95.

Confirming some details with some images it’s again a double ship pack (there’s a pattern forming here!) and appears to have a release date (a phrase I use very cautiously when it comes to X-Wing!) of the end of May which seems rather soon considering the lead times for recent releases (or am I just remembering things wrong!?).

Still, I immediately jumped on the Facebook post and asked the hard hitting, important question on everyone’s mind:

This has followed the news of the Rogue Class Starfighter which was announced last week (literally the night before I posted the last blog!). I didn’t mention it at the time because I didn’t have time to add it in and since It’s a CIS ship and I don’t fly CIS. Selfish, I know.

I have since learned though that it will be multi faction with pilots for Scum too. Curse you AMG! I thought I wouldn’t be buying it!!!

Anyway, in the last of the AMG related news, there’s a date for your calendar as they announced the next Ministravaganza on the 9th – 11th of June. There’s no schedule yet so we don’t know if there will be any X-Wing content but I’d be amazed if there isn’t.

Alright, that’ll do for this week. Thanks for reading if you made it this far! I promise that normal service will be resumed next week with several games to talk about! I’ll see you there!

The outro…

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